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Couples and family members will sometimes get into intense disagreements, but these arguments should never involve violence, intimidation, or unwanted physical contact. Someone does not necessarily need to throw a punch or strike their partner to trigger domestic violence charges. In fact, many alleged domestic violence cases are the result of the accuser misunderstanding or exaggerating the conduct of the accused party. No matter the circumstances, these are serious charges that can lead to stiff penalties if convicted.

Our Nashville domestic violence defense attorney lawyer has over 16 years of legal experience and can defend your innocence when you are facing these types of allegations. Chelsea Nicholson, Attorney at Law has a deep understanding of domestic violence cases are adjudicated in Tennessee, and our team is prepared to leverage our knowledge and resources to mount a robust and capable defense. We are not afraid to go to trial and are determined to secure the best possible outcome in your case. 

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What Is Considered Domestic Violence in Tennessee?

When you mention “domestic violence,” most people will probably picture physical assault between romantic partners. Under Tennessee law, domestic violence – formally referred to as “domestic assault” – covers a number of different scenarios.

Someone can be charged with domestic assault if they assault:

  • A current or ex-spouse
  • A current or former sexual partner
  • A current or former romantic partner
  • A blood or adoptive family member
  • A current or former relative by marriage (such as a brother or sister-in-law)
  • A cohabitant (i.e. a roommate)
  • The adult or minor child of anyone in the above categories

Someone commits assault if they:

  • Deliberately or recklessly injure another party
  • Creates a situation where another party reasonably fears imminent injury
  • Engages in unwanted physical contact that can reasonably be construed as offensive

Domestic violence can occur even if no touching or physical contact occurs. If someone intimidates a partner, for example, and the partner reasonably believes they are in immediate danger, they may be able to successfully allege domestic assault.

This can, of course, create problems when no domestic assault has patently not transpired or when an accuser misinterprets the actions and intentions of the accused party.

Penalties for Domestic Violence in Tennessee

Domestic assault will be charged as Class A or Class B misdemeanors in Tennessee. When charged as a Class B misdemeanor, a conviction will result in up to six months of jail time and a $500 fine. When charged as a Class A misdemeanor, convictions will lead to up to 11 months and 29 days of jail time and a fine of up to $2,500.

Repeat offenders will face harsher penalties. A second conviction can result in up to 11 months and 29 days of incarceration as well as fines of up to $3,500. Third and subsequent convictions can lead to up to another 11 months and 29 days of incarceration plus fines of up to $5,000 for each offense. 

In most cases, accusing parties will also obtain protection orders that prohibit you from contacting or coming near them. This can put tremendous strain on other personal relationships and potentially limit your ability to interact with your family. Domestic assault convictions will also appear on many types of background checks and can therefore make it more difficult to secure employment and housing. Our Nashville domestic violence defense attorney is committed to helping you avoid these outcomes. 

“I came out completely vindicated and in the clear.”

- Ben (Review from Google)

Comprehensive Domestic Violence Defense Strategies 

Many domestic violence cases are not one-sided. In some scenarios, you and your accuser may have equally contributed to the conflict. In these instances, you may have even acted in self-defense if you felt threatened by the accusing party. In other situations, the accusing party may have embellished what happened or made false accusations. 

We are here for you and can provide the legal representation you need to prevail in this difficult moment. Chelsea Nicholson, Attorney at Law recognizes that every case is different and will warrant a unique approach. We regularly rely on the testimony of experts and other science-driven solutions to fight for the rights of our clients. Our Nashville domestic violence defense lawyer will carefully evaluate each element of your situation and help you understand your defense options. Our firm also maintains a 48-hour rule when responding to our clients, so we will always be available to answer your questions or address concerns.

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