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Merely being accused of a sex crime can upend your life and do permanent damage to your reputation, personal relationships and livelihood. You must take these charges extremely seriously and hire legal representation that will do whatever it takes to clear your name.

I am Chelsea Nicholson, a Nashville criminal defense attorney. I defend against all types of sex offenses and am committed to protecting your innocence and offers no-judgment representation. I have over 16 years of legal experience and understands how these charges are typically adjudicated in Tennessee. I am not afraid to go to trial and rely on experts and DNA evidence when advocating for our clients. I care deeply for the outcome of your case and will fight to deliver the results you need and deserve.

I represent and have tried many cases involving sexual offenses. This includes a five day long jury trial for rape where our team was able to work with experts challenging the science behind rape kits used by the forensics department for the State of Tennessee. We also utilized the use of a private investigator to challenge and video the scene regarding the alleged events, which depicted a different story than the one given. Through this hard work, we were able to get a not guilty verdict regarding this rape allegation. Recently, I worked with forensics IT technology experts to challenge the evidence within an allegation of child abuse and sexual abuse. We were able to work with these experts to show my client was innocent of any wrongdoing. We worked with the police and State to provide this on the front end and were able to keep the client from being charged wrongfully of these crimes. This was an amazing victory. Getting charged wrongfully with a sexual offense can shatter someone’s life, the stigma, employment, family life, and incarceration. We also work very closely with polygraph experts. This work and collaboration with experts on the forefront of these issues within sexual offenses has helped me achieve justice for my clients.

No matter what you have been charged with, I am prepared to offer the legal support you need. Contact me online or call 615-913-3932 to discuss your case.

Sex Crime Cases I Handle In Tennessee

“Sex crimes” encapsulate a wide variety of criminal offenses. Each comes with its own set of potential penalties and will require a different approach. I can assist you if you have been charged with:

  • Prostitution
  • Rape and statutory rape
  • Sexual assault and sexual battery
  • Indecent exposure
  • Lewd acts in public
  • Solicitation
  • Pimping

What To Do After Being Accused Of Sexual Assault Or Rape

Learning you have been accused of sexual assault or rape can be awful, especially if you know you took care to obtain consent before the encounter took place. You may be tempted to reach out to the accuser and set the record straight. While well-meaning, this is a mistake: You should avoid all contact with your accuser. Any contact is likely to be perceived as “unwanted,” and your words could be misconstrued.

Similarly, you should avoid making any public comments about the accusations, even if the accuser is spreading rumors or posting public statements themselves. It is understandable to want to defend yourself, but these crimes are heavily stigmatized. Anything you say could be used against you, so it is generally wiser to remain silent.

Preserve any written communications that took place between you and your accuser and document your version of events, including what happened before, during and after the encounter.

Connect with any witnesses who were present in the events leading up to the encounter. Then, contact Chelsea Nicholson, Attorney at Law. I am prepared to handle your case with the compassion and diligence it deserves.

Penalties For Sex Crimes In Tennessee

Many sex crimes will be charged as felonies. If convicted, felons will generally be classified as sex offenders and need to register on the National Sex Offender Registry. Registered sex offenders will almost certainly have difficulty obtaining future work and housing opportunities. They will also need to make disclosures to neighbors and face other restrictions.

This is in addition to thousands of dollars in fines and potentially many years of incarceration. Penalties are generally even more severe if aggravating factors, such as the involvement of a minor or a weapon, are present. Do not face these charges alone. As a Nashville sex crime defense attorney, I can provide you with the seasoned guidance you need.

Defending Against Sex Crime Charges

I tailor my defense strategy to each client’s unique situation. The nature of your charges, the indisputable facts and the available evidence will dictate how we approach your case. When you come to me for help, I will thoroughly review your account of what happened before determining how to shape your defense.

Many cases involving sexual assault or rape are “he said, she said” scenarios. In these situations, I will often argue that consent was in fact given and that you are the subject of a false accusation. Remember that someone cannot retroactively decide to withdraw consent after the encounter has concluded. Witnesses and rape experts can often provide valuable testimony to support the arguments.

“I came out completely vindicated and in the clear.” – Ben (review from Google)

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If you are accused of raping or sexually assaulting someone you do not know, it is very possible that you may have been mistakenly identified. DNA testing and other science-based solutions can help establish your innocence in these cases. If you were deceived about a sexual partner’s age or ability to legally give consent, we can argue that you were deliberately misled and had no intention of committing an unlawful act.

Several defense strategies may be available to those accused of indecent exposure. Mothers are permitted to breastfeed their infants in public, and individuals can publicly urinate in unincorporated parts of the state so long as they attempt to conceal their genitals while doing so. Exceptions are also made for public nudity that is part of legitimate artistic performances or endeavors.

Prostitution charges can be fought by establishing a lack of intent to commit the crime. If undercover law enforcement officers attempt to compel you to engage in prostitution, you are likely the victim of entrapment, and you can leverage this misconduct as part of your defense.

No matter what you have been accused of, I am confident that I can mount a strong and effective defense. As a Nashville sex crime defense attorney, I am responsive to your needs and maintain a 48-hour rule for responding to client questions and concerns. I am prepared to exhaust all available resources when fighting to secure your innocence.

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