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Don’t Take Chances With Your Defense – Work With A Battle-Ready Attorney

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you can’t afford to “let things settle” or to trust your case to a novice lawyer. You need to start building your defense immediately with the assistance of a trial-tested attorney like me, Chelsea Nicholson.

I have an impeccable record of helping clients achieve acquittals and successful plea deals, and I am well-known by judges and prosecutors in the Nashville area for my work on behalf of those I represent.

No Matter The Charges, I Am Here To Fight For You

I defend clients charged with a wide variety of offenses, including:

Driving under the influence (DUI): Even a single DUI can result in up to 11 months and 29 days in jail, plus fines, counseling and a one-year license revocation. Multiple drunk driving offenses and aggravating factors will result in harsher sentences and penalties. I will work diligently to protect your freedom and your driving privileges.

Drug crimes: Drug-related offenses include simple possession, possession with intent, sale of a controlled substance, trafficking, conspiracy and manufacturing. The seriousness of the charges will depend on the classification of the drugs involved, the quantity of the drugs, the location where the offense took place and any other aggravating factors. Even a seemingly minor offense can result in incarceration.

Sex crimes: I am an aggressive advocate in cases alleging rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, prostitution, indecent exposure and more. Most sex offenses will be charged as felonies and can result in many years of incarceration. Moreover, many people are inclined to assume guilt based on allegations alone. I am a nonjudgmental lawyer, and I’ll be in your corner throughout the duration of your case.

Domestic violence: Instances of domestic battery – which do not necessarily need to involve physical contact or violence – will be tried as a Class A or Class B misdemeanor. Repeated offenses will lead to more serious charges and penalties.

Theft crimes: The severity of theft charges will depend on the total value of the stolen goods or services. Repeat offenders will also face stiffer charges and penalties. Sentencing alternatives and civil remedies will sometimes be available when an offense only involves low-value property or services.

Violent crimes: These cases include charges of murder, attempted murder, homicide, aggravated assault, kidnapping and more. Violent crimes are aggressively prosecuted in Tennessee, and convictions can result in decades of incarceration.

Probation violations: Individuals convicted of criminal offenses may be placed on probation in lieu of incarceration. If someone violates some requirement of their probation – which is surprisingly easy to do – they can be arrested. Probation violations can lead to probation being revoked as well as other penalties.

Working For The Resolution That Best Meets Your Needs

Acquittal is obviously an ideal scenario in any criminal matter. If it’s possible in your case, I will let you know that and will fight to clear your name entirely. However, acquittal is not always an option, and some clients don’t want to put themselves or their families through a very public trial.

No attorney can guarantee an outcome. What I can guarantee, however, is that I will take the time to understand your needs and goals and will work tirelessly to help you reach a favorable result that best aligns with them.

You Have Legal Options – Let’s Discuss Them During A Free Consultation

Chelsea Nicholson, Attorney at Law, serves clients in Middle Tennessee, and surrounding counties. I offer free and confidential consultations so that you can feel confident that you’ve hired the right lawyer. To schedule yours, call my office at 615-913-3932 or reach out online.